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BIOSAR is derived from the Greek word ‘BIOS’ which means ‘life’ and Sanskrit word ‘SAR’ which means ‘complete’. BIOSAR provides complete life to the agricultural sector. BIOSAR is the result of enduring efforts of many scientists and domain experts working in the field of agronomy, agroecology and permaculture.

Biosar is nurtured by veteran scientists
with decades on field experience


BIOSAR products are tested in the quality control laboratory of the above institutes. BIOSAR will provide the impetus, skill and the expertise to drive new green environmentally friendly products into your local market and will bring revolution in the business of organic farming.

Biosar's mark of quality
with international credulity

Biosar lays the foundation and completely conforms to the Organic Input mark of international quality standards conformity.

BIOSAR comes with a premium range of quality organic fertilizer, bio-fertilizer and bio-pesticides and shares an established history of expertise in fertilizer manufacturing.
Quality Control is an essential aspect of the manufacturing process and the facility is also equipped with a state of art laboratory equipped with all modern instruments.

Biosar is registered and certified by world standards
with the promise top quality organic product & management


The entire manufacturing operation is overseen and managed by highly trained and qualified personnel. BIOSAR products are adhered to full Fertilizer Control Order, 1985 quality standards to ensure the highest levels of quality, safety and security.
Production batches are numbered along with detailed production records to provide in depth product traceability

Biosar has widespread applications
across a variety of organic foods and agricultural applications
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