Biosar’s product portfolio falls under Six broad categories
Plant Nutrition
Our products are designed to cater plants will all important nutrients starting Primary (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) and Secondary (Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur) which are easily absorbed by plants when available.
Soil Treatment
Our soil treatment products are aimed to stimulate growth of an extensive root system and efficient use of water with nutrients and conditions of plants. This is achieved by providing basic elements required by the plant through soil, thereby soil health is most important.
Macro and Micro Nutrients
Our high quality Macro & Micro Nutrients are sensibly and expertly formulated under strict manufacturing process and procedures to provide essentials to the plant for healthy growth. On application nutrition is quickly absorbed by the plant and produces significant results such as improving the plants application and increasing crop yield.
Crop Protection
In today's agricultural market crop protection has become extremely important as consumers are demanding food with lesser or no chemical residues from pesticides used on the crops and producers are consistently seeking ways to preserve the effectiveness of their pest control tools.
Tea Series
Natural, mined and bulky concentrated organic manure are used to resistant cultivators, introduction of biological control/botanical extracts in the right time helps us to grow excellent tea.
Aqua Series
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Biosar Products

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