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    Biosar Natura, research based product containing a mixture of essential plant amino acids along with humic acid, fulvic acid and bio-organic plant nutrient. It is protein hydeolysate based liquid plant nutrient which is used for enchancing the yield of all agricultural, horticultural and plantation crops, specially for all stages of tea plantation. It promotes growth of healthy green leaves, reduces the intensity of chlorosis, prevents and corrects nutrient deficiency.

    Benefits :

    • Biosar Natura increases photosynthesis, improves flower and fruit setting. It also improves size, colour and keeping quality of the produce
    • As it is rich in Nitrogen content and other organic growth enhancer, it increases the succulency of the leaf

    Recommended For: Potato, tomato, chilli, cucumber, bitter gound, brinjal, cabbage, cauliflower, capsicum, legumes, pumpkin, bottle gound, ash gourd, tea, coconut, etc.



    Biosar MAXTEE is made with added nutritive element and natural substances which helps increase and enhance quality even in cold climate. It increases the stability of cell membranes under low temparature condition by closing its stomata and promotes the root systems’ ability to absorb water.

    Benefits :

    • Growth stimulator for root, shoot and leaves
    • Plant fertlizer which imparts tolerance to stress
    • Revitalises crop damage by natural diasters like storm, drought, frost, flood, etc.
    • Accelerates metabolic processes and increases chlorophyl and photosynthetic activities
    • Builds resistance against fungal diseases like mildew, bliguts, etc.



    Biosar GROVITA is a biological source of growth supplement which contains high concentrated humic acid, fulvic acid and amino acids. It is an effective biostimulant used against fruit/bud/flower drop and is compatible with all kind of pesticides.

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