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    A combination of microbial inoculants is required to manage major nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potash, which are necessary for plant sustainability.

    Biosar Pro-NPK is the mixture of some most powerful organisms which has the capability of dissolving insoluble phosphorus and potash in soil and make them available to plants by producing organic acids.


    • Provides Nitrogen to plants
    • Produces biologically active metabolites like vitamins, indole acetic acid, gibberellins, cytokynins which energizes the plants and promote their growth
    • It makes plants healthier from inside

    Recommended for: Rice, maize, groundnut, lentil, cauliflower, cabbage, potato, brinjal, tea, mango, pineapple, banana, etc.



    BIOSAR HIRA PLUS, a bio enriched organic manure is made of 100% natural components like plants residues and cowdung manures. Its use is efficient in maintaining optimum levels of soil organic matter. It contains well decomposed de-oil cakes that supply nitrogen. The organic matter present serve as precursors of soil humus as they decay and convert to carbon dioxide, water, nitroge, sulphur oxide and keep replenishing carbon, nitrogen and sulphur cycles.

    Benefits :

    • Helps maintain C:N ratio in the soil and increases fertility and productivity of the soil.
    • Improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil, along with structure and texture
    • Increases water holding capacity of the soil.
    • Makes microbes available due to increase in biological activity in the lower depth of soil
    • Minimize evaporation process of soil.

    Recommended for: Tea (planting pit), young and mature tea, potato, vegetables, paddy, etc.



    BIOSAR Power, a completely decomposed organic fertilizer is enriched with de-oiled cakes and various nutrients. It is completely free of heavy metals. It is manufactured from well decomposed cattle waste and essential ingredients of organic origin. It increase the NPK level of soil and maintains the organic carbon percentage.


    • Fully decomposed organic manure, hence odour-less
    • Helps in conditioning soil structure, maintaining pH level, improving water holding capacity and better root proliferation.
    • Facilitates the process of nutrient intake in a systematic and holistic manner.
    • It is odour less and non-toxic. Does not leave any harmful residue or cause soil pollution.
    • It increases succulency of leaves and helps in vigorous root growth.


    Recommended for: Vegetables, flower, coffee/cocoa/pepper, Tea, coconut, sugarcane, grapes, banana, pomeogranate, papaya, watermelon, citrus/mango, household garden plants/roses, etc.

    Available in different varieties based on soil type and crop



    Biosar Gromax Tea has a positive effect on tea plant growth, it supplies nutrients like Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, etc. to the plant. It improves the yield as it plays an important role in balanced crop nutrition. It is ecofirnedly and non toxic to humans and animals.


    • Increases stem elongation and helps break dormancy
    • Improves leaf size, quality, chlorophyll content, photosynthesis ad carbon fixation
    • Accelerates leaf germination and increases enzyme induction in plants
    • Increases microbial activity in soil and improves plants’ metabolic process



    Biosar Natura, research based product containing a mixture of essential plant amino acids along with humic acid, fulvic acid and bio-organic plant nutrient. It is protein hydeolysate based liquid plant nutrient which is used for enchancing the yield of all agricultural, horticultural and plantation crops, specially for all stages of tea plantation. It promotes growth of healthy green leaves, reduces the intensity of chlorosis, prevents and corrects nutrient deficiency.

    Benefits :

    • Biosar Natura increases photosynthesis, improves flower and fruit setting. It also improves size, colour and keeping quality of the produce
    • As it is rich in Nitrogen content and other organic growth enhancer, it increases the succulency of the leaf

    Recommended For: Potato, tomato, chilli, cucumber, bitter gound, brinjal, cabbage, cauliflower, capsicum, legumes, pumpkin, bottle gound, ash gourd, tea, coconut, etc.



    Biosar MAXTEE is made with added nutritive element and natural substances which helps increase and enhance quality even in cold climate. It increases the stability of cell membranes under low temparature condition by closing its stomata and promotes the root systems’ ability to absorb water.

    Benefits :

    • Growth stimulator for root, shoot and leaves
    • Plant fertlizer which imparts tolerance to stress
    • Revitalises crop damage by natural diasters like storm, drought, frost, flood, etc.
    • Accelerates metabolic processes and increases chlorophyl and photosynthetic activities
    • Builds resistance against fungal diseases like mildew, bliguts, etc.



    BIOSAR ADDON is a multi purpose spray adjuvant concentrate. It is a bio-formulation made from all botanical products which works as an anti-viral and leaf curl. It opens up the conductive tissues blocked by the movement of virus particles to help the plant cells recover. Therefore it is not only a sticker, spreader and activator but also a crop protector.

    Recommended for: All crops and horticulture plants



    BIOSAR TRICHOTWIN, a preventive biological (living) fungicide attacks disease causing fungicide before they reaches the root system. It grows fast, coils around the pathogen, penetrates through it and takes away its nutrients. The pathogen eventually dies and is eliminated on field.


    • It is not toxic to humans and not a water contaminant.
    • It is host specific, can colonize and proliferate
    • It is non pathogenic to host planst and environment

    Recommended For: Rice, potato, cotton, pulses, fruits, oilseeds, plantation crops, vegetables, etc.

    Available in powder and liquid form

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