BIOSAR HIRA PLUS, a bio enriched organic manure is made of 100% natural components like plants residues and cowdung manures. Its use is efficient in maintaining optimum levels of soil organic matter. It contains well decomposed de-oil cakes that supply nitrogen. The organic matter present serve as precursors of soil humus as they decay and convert to carbon dioxide, water, nitroge, sulphur oxide and keep replenishing carbon, nitrogen and sulphur cycles.

Benefits :

• Helps maintain C:N ratio in the soil and increases fertility and productivity of the soil.
• Improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil, along with structure and texture
• Increases water holding capacity of the soil.
• Makes microbes available due to increase in biological activity in the lower depth of soil
• Minimize evaporation process of soil.

Recommended for: Tea (planting pit), young and mature tea, potato, vegetables, paddy, etc.



100gm/mixed with filling soil. 600kg/Acre or 90kg/bigha

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