Biosar Humic Acid Solid is a group of molecules that binds and helps plant roots receive water and nutrients. High humic acid levels can dramatically increase yields, while its deficency can prevent farmers and gardeners from grooving crops with optimum nutrition.


• Nutrilize sil pH, increase plant yield upto 70%, increase water holding capacity of soil
• Binds insoluble metal ions, oxides and hydeoxides to release them slowly and continually to plants when required
• Produces physical, chemical and biological effects
• It is completely biodegradable and toxin free.



Dosage : 500 gm/acre via drip irrigation
2 kg/acre for short term crops (3 – 4 months) and 4 kg per acre for long term crops
Crops : Any field crops / Horticultural crops/Fruit crops.
Compatibility : Compatible with most of all pesticides / fungicides / PGR.

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