BIOSAR HIRA, a bio enriched organic manure is made of 100% natural components like plants residues and cowdung manures. It contains high percentage of carbon which ensures high plant growth. It provides nutrients like carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium aform organic sources which improved the soil quality. It is also enriched with beneficial nitrogen fixing, phosphate solubilizing and potash mobilizing bacteria.


• Corrects soil pH & improves C: N ratio.
• Helps soil to hold more water, protect the crop against drought, and gowth of roots
• Gets a balanced supply of all the macro and micro nutrients
• Improves the activity of N-fixing bacteria/Azo/Rhizobium.
• Improves physical properties like soil structure, moister holding capacity, soil aeration and drainage
• It increases the succulency of the leaf

Recommended for: Tea (planting pit), young and mature tea, potato, vegetables, paddy, etc.



100gm/plant or 600kg/Hectare or 90kg/bigha

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