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    Biosar Traps, a pheromone attractant is used to lure insects. Pheromones are sex attractants which attract only the males of various species of insects. Once attracted the sticky bare captures the insects. They are not used to control insects as the female insects remain alive, but rather to demonstrate the presence of insects.

    These are inspected atleast 8 times a year, the traps are counted and insect species determined. Long term usage of traps has been known to reduce major pests such as cydia pomonella, P. gossypiella, bark beetles, palm, weevils, corn root warm, anthonomus grandis, boneman & lymantria dispar



    BIOSAR ADDON is a multi purpose spray adjuvant concentrate. It is a bio-formulation made from all botanical products which works as an anti-viral and leaf curl. It opens up the conductive tissues blocked by the movement of virus particles to help the plant cells recover. Therefore it is not only a sticker, spreader and activator but also a crop protector.

    Recommended for: All crops and horticulture plants



    Biosar D-TROP is a nonselective post emergence weed control mainly for broad leaf weeds. It contains natural plant/herbs extracts along with fatty acids which destroys cell walls in the leaves. The leaves dry out in a few days and look as though they have been burnt. It is known to prevent cell division and therefore growth.


    • It is a complete herbicide for weeds and grasses, kills tough weeds, moss and algae
    • It is biodegradable and effective at high temperatures

    Recommended For: Lawn gardens and tea estates



    Biosar Kawach acts as guard for planst against pests, excessive cold or heat. It is one of the scientifically accepted natural sheets with herbal extracts, which is bio – degradable in nature and useful for organic farming in a cost effective way.

    Recommended For: Fruits and vegetables



    Biosar CAMS is a unique combination of secondary nutrients – calcium, magnesium and sulfur, which are very important and may be required as fertilizer of soil amendments for healthy growth. Calcium (calcium pectate), holds together cell walls of plants. If deficient, new tissue such as root tips, young leaves and shoot tips often exhibit distorted growth from improper cell wall formation.Magnesium, has wide range of roles in many plant functions. Since it is mobile in plants, deficiency is seen first in older leaves. Sulphur, is an important component and balanced crop nutrition.


    • Acts as a buffer in the plant system and ameliorates the toxic effects of other nutrients (if they are ar toxic levels)
    • Helps in renegration of chlorophll a & b
    • Controls damage to crops due sto low temperature or fog, imparts colour and flavour to leaves, fruits and flowers
    • Controls premature shredding of set fruits and results in dry matter, yield and plant height

    Recommended For: Tobacco, Tea, Tomato, Cocoa, Cotton, Cereals, Legumes, Ground Nut, Banana, Apples, Oil palm, Oil seed Crops, Grapes.

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