BIOSAR Power, a completely decomposed organic fertilizer is enriched with de-oiled cakes and various nutrients. It is completely free of heavy metals. It is manufactured from well decomposed cattle waste and essential ingredients of organic origin. It increase the NPK level of soil and maintains the organic carbon percentage.


• Fully decomposed organic manure, hence odour-less
• Helps in conditioning soil structure, maintaining pH level, improving water holding capacity and better root proliferation.
• Facilitates the process of nutrient intake in a systematic and holistic manner.
• It is odour less and non-toxic. Does not leave any harmful residue or cause soil pollution.
• It increases succulency of leaves and helps in vigorous root growth.


Recommended for: Vegetables, flower, coffee/cocoa/pepper, Tea, coconut, sugarcane, grapes, banana, pomeogranate, papaya, watermelon, citrus/mango, household garden plants/roses, etc.

Available in different varieties based on soil type and crop



240kg/acre or 1Kg/plant/year or 25g/bush or 3-5 kg/plam or 3-5kg/vine or 1kg/plant or 2-5kg/tree or 100g/pot

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