BIOSAR NEEM ZYME (Azadirachta Indica)

Biosar Neem Zyme is the ideal replacement for liquid ammonia urea, phosphoric acid and several other chemical fertilizer used as a supplement or nutrient source in all biological treatment systems. It furnishes required energy sources to maintain excellent growth rate and promote biological oxidation. It provides further action, reduces fertilizer requirement and increases yield in most crops.

• Consistent, premium quality mix ideal for both indoor and outdoor container gardening
• Formulated when micro nutrients and neem oil to support strong and consistent plant growth
• Increases higher water penetration, fertilizer efficiency, root development and rebuilds soil naturally

Available in granules and liquid form



Fruit plants: 50 gm/10” pot per 7 days or 4-5 kg/Acre
Vegetables: 50 gm/10” pot / 10 days or 4-5 kg/Acre
Potato: 50 gm/10” pot or 4-5 kg/Acre
Crops: 50 gm/10” pot / 10 days or 4-5 kg/Acre (cereals & oil seeds)
Flower and Foliage plant: 50 gm/10” pot / 10 days or 4-5 kg/Acre

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