Biosar ZSB comprises of Zinc solubilizing bacteria. Zinc is an important micro nutrient required in small amounts by plants for growth and reproduction. Solubilization of inorganic mineral nutrients such as insoluble form of zinc into accessible form for plant assimilation is a well known plant growth promoting traits exhibited by many bacteria.


• It controls khoira diseases in Paddy
• Increases crop yield and the quality of the produce
• Improves soil health and activates hormones
• Improves root and plant growth
• Improve photo synthetic activity

Recommended for: Crops grown between 5 to 8 pH. It should be applied specially in paddy, wheat, pulses, citrus, pomegranate, Ginger etc.

Available in powder and liquid



Solid Form:
Seed treatment – 100 gram BIOSAR ZSB to be mixed with 10 liters of sticking agent/water. The seeds are then dipped, shade dried and sown immediately
Soil application – 3kg BIOSAR ZSB is to be mixed with 30 kg BIOSAR HIRA (Organic Manure) or as recommended. To be applied uniformly in the soil and watered well

Liquid Form:
Soil application – Mix 500 ml – 1 lt. Biosar ZSB per acre in 50 kg Biosar Hira or any of the well decomposes cowdung manure, broadcast in the field at the time of last ploughing and in the standing crop upto 45 days after sowing.
Drip irrigation – Mix 500 ml – 1 lt / acre in 100 lt of water and apply in the field through Drip irrigation.
It is compatible with all other bio products.

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