Biosar VAM is used as an effective soil inoculant. It increases the product quality and immune power of the crop. The mycorrhizae start associating symbiotically with roots of the plants which helps in absorption of water, phosphorus solubilization and other essential macro and micro elements to make them available for the plants in an assimilable form. It imparts drought tolerance to plants and resistance to soil borne pathogens through its symbiotic associative property

Recommended for: Cereals, pulses, oil seeds, fruits, vegetables, plantation, fiber crops, pineapple, tea, coffee, banana, forests and nursery.



3kg BIOSAR VAM is to be mixed with 30kg BIOSAR HIRA and used in one hectare or as recommended. It has to be applied uniformly in soil and watered well.


Avoid inhalation and contact with skin
Application should be done as recommended

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