BIOSAR Rhizo contains bacterium Rhizobium which infect legume root and form root nodules. They reduce molecular nitrogen to ammonia which can readily by utilized by the plants to produce valuable proteins, vitamins and other nitrogen compounds. It has been estimated that 40-250 Mg N/ha/y is fixed by different legume crops by the microbial activities of Rhizobium.


• Produces biologically active metabolites like vitamins, indole acetic acid, gibberellins, cytokynins which energizes the plants and promote their growth
• It makes plants healthier from inside

Recommended for: All the legumes like groundnut, soyabean, pulses, green pea etc.

Available in powder, granules and liquid



Powder Form:
Seed treatment – 100 gram BIOSAR RIZHO is to be mixed well with 10 liters of sticking agent/water. The seeds are then dipped, shade dried and sown immediately
Soil application – 3kg BIOSAR RIZHO is to be mixed with 30 kg BIOSAR HIRA (Organic Manure) or as recommended. Applied uniformly in the soil and watered well.

Liquid Form:
200ml per acre. 1ml of Biosar RHIZO is dissolved in 1ltr of water and spray uniformly near the root of the plant in the morning or evening hours.

It is compatible with all other bio products.

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