BIOSAR COMIX is a bacteial consortia that helps in composting (biological conversion of organic waste to humus like substance), which enhances physical, chemical and bilogical soil properties. It comprises of a variety of micro-organism producing enzymes which can have a synergistic effect on the decomposition of lingo cellulosic biomass for the production of value added bio-products.


• Enhances biodegradation of organic wate at extreme low temperatures
• Effectively degrades different ligno cellulosic biomasses
• After degradation produces humic acid, volatile folly acids, and micronutrients
• It is Non-pathogenic to host plants and environment




20 ml per kg of Biomass mixed with 20 ml biosar commix and 30 ml water, sprayed over entire weighed biomass. Biomass should be mixed properly. It is compatible with all other bio products.

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