A combination of microbial inoculants for management of major nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potash is necessary for sustainability of plants. Bio fertlizers enhance nitrogen availability, while inoculants enhance phosphorous and potash nutrition.

Biosar AZUM comprises of Bacteria Azospirillum which serves as a broad spectrum inoculant. It is a mixture of powerful organisms which dissolve insolulable phosphorous and potash in soil and makes them available for plants through production of organic acid. It also provides nitrogen to the plants and produces biologically active vitamins, indole acetic acid, gibberellins, cytokynins which promotes plant growth.


• Improves rate of seed germination, helps in root proliferation, accelerates plant growth, initiates early flowering and maturation, thus incrasing crop yield by 10-15%
• Energizes plants and boosts their growth
• It is sustainable and makes plants healthy from inside

Recommended For: Wheat, barley, maize, paddy, jowar, oat, sugar cane, tobacco, potato, brinjal, mustard, onion, cauliflower, tomato, cabbage, many forest fruits and flowering plants.


Powder Form:

1.Seed treatment – 5gm powder/kg seed. 5gm powder to be mixed with 10ml of water to dress the seeds
2.Soil application – 2kg powder to be mixed with 30 kg BIOSAR HIRA (Organic Manure) or as recommended. To be applied uniformly in 1 hectare area of soil. Usage of BIOSAR HIRA as per requirement.

Liquid Form:

1 ltr/hectare. 2ml liquid to be dissolved in 1 ltr of water and sprayed uniformly near the root of the plants in the morning or evening. It is compatible with all bio products.

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