Biosar SUB-FLUORO is a biological formulation based on Bacillus subtilis spores and Pseudomonas fluorescens living cells. This formulation supresses diseases caused by a variety of fungus and bacteria. It provides the rich nutrients to plant through soil and there by promoting plant growth


• Not phytotoxic to crop plants
• Increases shelf life and dissolves well in water to release bacteria
• Tolerate adverse environmental conditions
• Cost effective and give reliable control of plant diseases

Recommended for: Vegetables, fruits, cereals, flowers and plantation crops.



Seed treatment: Mix 5gm of BIOSAR SUB-FLUORO with 1 Kg of semi moist seeds.
Soil treatment: Thoroughly mix 1.0 – 1.5 Kg BIOSAR SUB-FLUORO with 30 Kg of Biosar Hira (Organic manure) tospread on an area followed by light ploughing and irrigation

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