Insecticidal soaps are based on potassium fatty acids and used to control many plant pests. Since insecticides work only when they are directly in contact with plants, threfore plants are weighed. Soaps have low mammalian toxicity and are considered safe to be used around children and pets. They are also used in organic farming.

Biosar Bashit is a combination of potassium oleate and neem oil. It is very effective for soft bodied insects. It can also be used for large bodies insects like grass hoppers and caterpillars, though large bodied insects can be difficult to control with just soaps. It is effective in reduction and control of spider mites, aphids, thrips, green/white flies, leaf hoppers, leaf spot downey mildew, bliguls, borty tis, scabs, rusts, powdery mildew and for naturally repelling insects such as flies, mites, ticks and lice from animals.


• It has no residual action and low mammalian toxicity (typically allowed uoto day of harvest)
• It can be used in combination with other insecticides
• Around 95% adults insects and 98% of nymphs die within 48 hours
• It kills the pest on contact


Through foliar spray – 1.2 ml/litre. To be applied within 7-14 days interval with maximum 3 applications (Repeated aplications may aggravate phytotoxicity)

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