Biosar Karanja Oil is a natural botanical extract from karanja seed kernel which is processed using cold press technology. This technology helps Biosar Karanja Oil to retain all the well balanced values within itself. It is non-toxic to spiders, butterflies and to insects that pollinate plants. It si 100% pure and natural


• Controls aphids, black spot, rust, spider mites, whiteflies, musquito, flies & lepidopteran pest
• Contains plant growth stimulating factors, primarily auxins which improves soil texture, promoting unparalled vegetative growth, plant health and fruit yields


Installation Process

Step 1: Complete Sowing
Step 2: Bend & install pipe/wire
Step 3: Use multiple support every 8 – 10 feet
Step 4: Cover Biosar Kawach on support
Step 5: Seal sides with soil

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