Biosar Pochonia (Pochonia Chlamydosporia), a nematophagous fungus is one of the most effective biological control agents against plant endoparasitic nematodes of the genera globodera, heterodera, meloidogyne, nacobbus and more recently rotylenchulus


• Colonize the rhizosphere of plants and cultivars
• Percentage of parasitism is high
• Effective against a high variety of nematodes

Recommended for: Wheat, paddy, citrus, banana, papaya, potato okra, tomato, coffee, pomegranate, black pepper

Available in powder and liquid



Powder Form:
Seed treatment: Mix 5gm of BIOSAR POCHONIA with 1 Kg of semi moist seeds
Soil treatment: Thoroughly mix 1.0 – 1.5 Kg BIOSAR POCHONIA with 30 Kg of Biosar Hira (organic manure) to spread on an area followed by light ploughing and irrigation

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