Biosar Troopepn (Heterorhabditis Indica), a heat tolerant nematode that works against many insect pests. When the temperature is between 25°C and 29°C, the nematode is used as a biological control agent to manage small hire beetle, fall army warm, fungus gnat, Indian meal moth, root weevil, white grub, etc.

When it is applied on the soil surface, Heterorhabditis Indica’s infective juveniles start searching for inscet hosts. Once insect larva is located, the nematode penetrates into the larval body cavity bia nayural openings such as mouth, anus and spiracles or host cuticles. Once inside, they release synbiotic bacteria (Photorabdus luminescens). In the blood, multiplying nematode bacterium complex causes septicaemia and kill their insect host usually within 24-48 hours of infection. Nematodes feed on multiplying bacteria, mature into adults, reproduce and then emerge as infective juveniles from the host cadaver to seek new larva in the soil and life cycle continues.


• Do not cause any harm to the personnel involved in their production and application.
• Do not harm humans, animals, beneficial insect, microbial communities and other beneficial nematodes.
• It works very effectively in combination with Beauveria bassiana, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Trichoderma Viride, the bio control agent. Pathogenicity influence of Herterorhabditis indica when exposed with the other bio pesticides on host larva, have proved to be more virulent and compatible.



Methods of Use: Main field, soil application, farms, platation crops
Mix 1-2kg BIOSAR TROOPEPN with 100kg manure & broadcast to 1area
Mix 3gm BIOSAR TROOPEPN in 1lt water sprays this in morning/evening hours
Mix 10gm BIOSAR TROOPEPN with 1-2kg farm yard manure & apply to each plant

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