BIOSAR META (Metarhizium anisopliae), an entomopathogenic fungus is a disease causing parasitoid. It is widely used to control lepidopteron pests in agricultural crops. Once the fungus spores attach to the surface of an insect, they germinate, grow, penetrate the exoskeleton of the insect and grow very rapidly inside the insect causing the insect to die. Other insects that come in contact with infected insects also become infected with the fungus. It is not harmful to the host plant or the environment.


• It forms a good molecule for use in IPM programme and there by helps to reduce the pesticide load
• Offers long lasting pest control as it does not affect natural enemies
• Does not create resistance, resurgence and residue problem.
• Effectively controls economically important pests of crops such as leaf hoppers, root grubs, borers, cutworms, termites, palm weevils
• Helps to increase productivity by improving the crop health through containing the pest.

Recommended for: Cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruit crops, cole crops, orchards, fibre crops, cut flowers ornamentals in greenhouses, nurseries, lawns and landscape.

Available in powder and liquid



Powder Form:
Foliar spray: 2.5 kg/ hectare in 500 liters of water i.e., 5 gm/liter of water. The spray volume depends on the crop canopy.
Soil application: 2.5 kg/ Hectare

Liquid Form:
Foliar Spray: 2ml/ ltr of Biosar META with 5ml/ ltr of Biosar Addon. The product should be sprayed on the growing plants using hand, ground or aerial spray equipment.
Soil application: Biosar META can be sprinkled around the root – zone and incorporated into the soil either mechanically or through watering of plants. It can also be incorporated into the soil through drip irrigation systems.
The frequency of applications also depends on the pest and crop. For greenhouse pest problems, applications once in every 15-20 days are recommended.

It is compatible with all other bio products

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