BIOSAR ROOTSET is a multifunctional fungicide cum insecticide based on selective strain of naturally occurring fungi Pacelomyces lilacinus, Metarhizium anisoplea, and Pseudomonas fluorescens (one of the most important bacteria acting both as a PGPR and bio control agent)

Pacelomyces lilacinus is a commonly available soil Saprophyte and a facultative parasitic fungus attacking sedentary stage of nematodes. It protects the roots from fungal & bacterial infection

Metarhizium anisoplea, is widely distributed soil inhabiting fungi, used as a microbial agent against insects like, hemiptera, hymenoptera and Lepidopterans

Pseudomonas fluorescens protect the plants from infection by pathogens by producing secondary metabolites like antibiotics and hydrogen cyanide which kills all other bacteria and fungi



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