BIOSAR VERTI (Verticillium Lecanii), a biological insecticide is a entomopathogenic fungus. When comes in contact with cuticle skin of the target pest / insect, it germinates and grows directly through the spiracle into the inner body of the host. The fungus proliferates throughout the insects body, draining the insects nutrients and eventually killing it in around 48-72 hours. The mycelium of this fungus produces a cyclodepsipeptide toxin called bassianolide and other insecticidal toxins such as dipicolinic acid. It effectively controls pests such as borers, cutworms, root grubs, leaf hoppers, white fly, aphids, thrips, rust fungi, scale inscets, mealy bug, etc.

Benefits :
• It does not create resistance, resurgence and residue problem
• It is eco-friendly and maintains the ecological balance

Recommended for: Rice, maize, tomato, cauliflower, potato, cabbage, tea, cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruit crops, cole crops, orchards, fibre crops, cut flowers, plantation crops, ornamentals in greenhouses, nurseries, lawns and landscape.

Available in powder and liquid



Powder Form:
Seed treatment: Mix 5gm of BIOSAR VERTI with 1 Kg of semi moist seeds
Soil treatment: Thoroughly mix 1.0 – 1.5 Kg BIOSAR VERTI with 30 Kg of Biosar Hira (organic manure) to spread on an area followed by light ploughing and irrigation

Liquid Form:
Foliar Spray: 2ml/ ltr of Biosar VERTI with 5ml/ ltr of Biosar Addon. The product should be sprayed on the growing plants using hand, ground or aerial spray equipment.
Soil application: Biosar VERTI can be sprinkled around the root – zone and incorporated into the soil either mechanically or through watering of plants. It can also be incorporated into the soil through drip irrigation systems.

The frequency of applications also depends on the pest and the crop. For greenhouse pest problems, applications once in every 15-20 days is recommended

It is compatible with all other bio products.

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